Tick Prevention and Management for Pet Owners


Tick Prevention

  • Use appropriate medications and treatments. There are many spot-on treatments and tablets on the market – ensure you use one that kills both fleas and ticks.
  • Use a tick repelling shampoo. Wash with Groomers Ridasect every one – two weeks to repel both ticks and fleas. You could also try rinsing with Groomers Skin Saver Coat Rinse after shampooing to heighten the coat’s repellent qualities further.
  • Keep your garden free from long grass. Many types of tick live in long grass waiting for an animal host – removing the grass will make it less likely for your pet to bring ticks home.
  • Try a garlic supplement. A regular intake of garlic oil supplement can make your pet unappealing to ticks.

Tick Removal

Check your dog regularly throughout the summer for ticks, and especially after any significant time spent outside. Check around the neck, under the arms, between the toes and in your pets ears, and remove any you discover promptly. Ensure you wear gloves to protect yourself.

To remove a tick:

  • Grasp very close to the skin on either side of the creature using a tick pick
  • Pull the tick straight up out of the skin – do not twist
  • Dispose of the tick immediately
  • Wash the bite area after tick removal and check the area regularly for any signs of irritation or infection
  • Do not apply matches, nail polish remover, alcohol or any other chemicals to the tick as these methods are not effective and could be harmful to your pet

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