More Dogs with Jobs


Dogs have been at our side throughout history, and over time have been given more and more roles in our society. Our pet dogs provide us with companionship and love on a daily basis, but there are also innumerate dogs around the world who work with us on a daily basis. Last week we looked at rescue, assistance and sniffer dogs – today we will look at what other areas working dogs play in our lives past and present.


Herding dogs have been use in numerous cultures to move livestock (especially sheep) for centuries. These dogs need to be keen, observant, agile and intelligent. In recent years many herding dogs also partake in sheep dog trials, where the dogs must show a keen ability to follow voice commands and think independently.


A large amount of dog breeds were originally bred for hunting, and for many dogs and their owners hunting is still a way of life. Originally, different types of dogs had different responsibility when hunting – Retrievers were used to collect game once shot, Pointers were used to indicate the position of game for hunters, scent hounds trace animals by their smell, while smaller dogs were often used to flush out vermin. Hunting dogs need to be tenacious and intelligent, with high levels of concentration and an excellent sense of smell.


Police dogs are used in forces across the world to help keep us safe, but many dogs are also used to protect private property, and there are of course our pet dogs that help protect our homes. Guard dogs must be brave, vigilant and observant, with a keen sense of hearing and a keen voice.


Early North and South Pole expeditions involved sled dog, and there are still many sledding competitions and expeditions that use sled dogs to this day. Dogs have also been used to explore the skies – in 1785 the first ever hot air balloon was tested successful by a dog, and who can forget Laika, the first dg in space?

Can you think of any other interesting vocations dogs have in our society?

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