Finishing Touches – Ideas and Products


Bows, Barrettes, Ribbons and Bandanas

Bows, barrettes and ribbons are a simple way to add an attractive flourish to a groomed dog. Simply add to a top knot, or if you’re feeling particularly extravagant, try a bandana around the neck. It’s only a little touch, but it can really impress clients, and make your business more memorable.


Pawdicure services are becoming increasingly popular, and are a great way for owners to spoil their pets. They are also a good opportunity to check on paw and nail health. Try a treatment for the skin first, such as a Warren London’s Paw Revitaliser Oil, followed with some colourful nail polish. Dogs love the positive attention they get from an attractive, eye-catching bit of nail art – just ensure you put a white base coat on dark nails to ensure colour vibrancy.

A Touch of Colour

Adding a touch of colour is an eye-catching and creative way to finish a groom. A glittery top knot or a subtle stencil is great for a bit of fun, and is especially popular with younger clients. Ensure you always ask the owner what they would like with this type of service, however, and remember to use products formulated specifically for dogs.

Finishing Products

At Groomers, we offer a wide variety of finishing products for every type of coat. Finishing products give a groomed coat that added wow factor for a truly professional finish. Popular types of finishing products include shine sprays such as Groomers Crystal Gleam, which offers a remarkable glossy shine as well as enhancing coat colour. You could also try holding gel for defining and shaping furnishings or volumisers, which give sparse coats extra oomph.

Something Seasonal

Investing in some seasonal finishing touches is a cute idea, and again makes you memorable to clients. There are plenty of opportunities for some seasonal themed grooming throughout the year, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and of course Christmas. At Groomers, we stock various themed accessories throughout the year, from spooky Halloween bows to limited edition festive fragrances, so make sure check in on our seasonal offers throughout the year.

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