Tools, Tips and Recommendations for the Start-Up Mobile Groomer


Tips and Recommendations

  • Have a dedicated mobile as your work telephone. This will make it easier to get in contact with you directly. Reply promptly to any missed calls, and ensure you have a professional voicemail message.
  • Plan your route daily. Schedule together clients that live near to each other as much as possible, and make sure you factor in time for travelling and for breaks. Use a sat-nav to avoid becoming lost or stuck in traffic.
  • Always have business cards to hand. You never know when someone might enquire about your services.
  • Use any spare time between appointments constructively. Have a break or a snack, post some promotional flyers, order supplies, answer emails or do some professional social networking. A smart-phone is a must!
  • Always make a good first impression. Keep your van clean inside and out at all times – it is a constant advertisement for your business. Wear a professional uniform, and show up to each appointment well turned-out, like each client is your first customer of the day.


You will need a customised vehicle, with good lighting and installed equipment such as a bath, along with a generator to power your equipment. You will also need climate control and ventilation, and should consider headroom and storage space too.

Along with this, you will need essential grooming equipment including:

  • Clippers and accessories
  • Scissors
  • Various brushes and combs
  • A blaster and some towels
  • Liquid grooming products (try buying in bulk and decant into smaller bottles)

You might also like to think about these specific items ideal for mobile groomers:

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