Scissor Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

If you want to trim your pet’s hair at home, either as part of a full groom or between professional grooming sessions, you will need to take proper care of your scissors. This will help you get better results, and will help them last longer too.

Here are our top five scissor maintenance tips for pet owners:

Clean your scissors after each use. To do this, first brush away excess hair with a fine, soft brush (such as a clean paint or eye make-up brush). Then clean your scissors in a formula specifically designed for dog grooming tools, such as Barbicide. Finally, ensure you dry your scissors well, paying particular attention to the area between the blades. Dry with a soft cloth such as Groomers Aquasorb.

Lubricate your scissors. This helps to remove dust, hair or other particles that might have made their way into the joint. Simply open the scissors at a 90° angle and apply a drop of oil to the joint of the scissors. Open and close the blade a few times to work in the oil, then wipe the blades clean. Do this after every use, but be careful not to over oil. Also ensure you use scissor oil not clipper oil, as the later will wear away the washer over time.

Use your scissors for purpose only. Do not use your dog grooming scissors for cutting other materials such as paper. You should also only use your scissors on clean hair, and do not attempt to cut through thick clumps of hair or plaits. Also take care not to drop your scissors.

Store your scissors correctly. Keep them in a cool, dry place, free from humidity, dust and cosmetics. Ideally, you should also keep them in a padded scissor wallet, which will keep them safe and secure, and will protect them from any knocks that could affect alignment. Store your scissors with the blades closed. To shop our scissor storage range, click here.

Have your scissors professionally sharpened. Do this when your blades start to become dull. Depending on how often you use your scissors, this could be required every few months, or annually. Never attempt to sharpen your own scissors with a knife sharpener or similar, as this may permanently damage the quality of the blade.

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