Product Profile: Horse Feed Supplements – Groomers Cod Liver Oil

Supplements or “complementary feeding stuffs” provide your horse with a source of extra vitamins and/or minerals. Generally, supplements can help with a particular condition or requirement, or with issues related to stress, age, or intensive work. Lack of adequate nutrition in haylage, hay and grazing can also be a reason for utilising supplements.

Groomers provide a range of feed supplements that target specific equine needs. Our food supplements are completely natural, are available in a range of sizes, and are available in a convenient bottle featuring a reservoir with the exact amount for a daily dose premeasured.

Today we will look at the potential benefits of our cod liver oil supplement.

Cod Liver Oil Benefits

The most widely known benefit of cod liver oil is that it can aid joint mobility. This is due to the high levels of omega 3 fatty acid found in the substance, which can help combat joint degeneration, especially in older animals, and features anti-inflammatory properties.  Horses are unable to synthesise fatty acids such as omega 3, so it is important that they receive these through their diets.

Cod liver oil also includes significant amounts of vitamin D, which is vital for equine bone and cartilage health. In addition, when vitamin D combines with omega 3, it can help to support equine respiratory and metabolic systems.  Many owners therefore notice an improvement in overall health on cod liver oil supplements.

Finally, the combination of vitamins A, D and omega 3 (all present in cod liver oil) can also improve coat texture and shine, and can help abate allergic skin conditions.

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