Product Profile: Green Interactive Feeder

New to Groomers for spring 2013 is the Green Interactive Feeder, a revolutionary way to challenge and entertain dogs during meal times.

How it Works

Simply scatter our dog’s food across the “green”, and the dog will have to work to discover and retrieve food from between the blades of grass with its paws and/or tongue. Watch the video to see how:

The feeder is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and with wet or dry food, and is ideal for most dog breeds and sizes. The feeding tool is dishwasher safe and made from one piece of sturdy phthalate free plastic.


The benefits of using the Green Interactive Feeder with your dog are twofold. Firstly, it helps to prolongs eating time, with an average sized dinner taking approximately 10 – 15 minutes to consume. This significantly reduces the chances of gagging, vomiting and bloat, and is ideal for aggressive gulpers. It is also ideal for dogs on a calorie controlled diet.

The interactive feeder will also help mentally stimulate your dog by challenging and stimulating his basic instincts to hunt and forage for food. This increased mental stimulation can help to abate unwanted negative behaviours such as excessive chewing and barking, and of course makes meal times more fun!


The Green Interactive Feeder was recently awarded with two prizes at the Global Pet Expo, America’s biggest annual pet trade show. The feeder came first in the dog category of the New Products Showcase, and it was also named as one of the Expo’s top ten pet products of 2013. The awards were nominated by 100 top vet and pet professional from across the US.

To view the Green Interactive Feeder on the Groomers website, please click here.

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