Five Ways Dog Groomers can Diversify their Business

Diversifying the services your business offers is something every dog groomer should consider from time to time. While adding additional services might not be suitable for every business, these extra little touches can really help boost revenue, attract new customers, and place you ahead of the competition.

Take a look at our top five ways dog groomers can diversify their business:

  1.      Dog walking. This is a great way to supplement your income if you are self-employed, or if you run a salon, you could have your own dedicated dog walker on site. There is also a large market for dog walkers in both the town and the countryside. However, certain councils do have rules concerning dog walking (such as walking no more than four dogs at one time), so do check with your local council before you start offering this service. You should also ensure your public liability insurance covers dog walking.
  2.      Drop-off and collect services. This is a very useful service for busy dog owners, and helps ensure you won’t get let down by clients. A van is an important investment here, and dogs must be safely and securely transported, ideally in a specially fitted cage system. You could offer this service for free within a five mile radius or for regular customers, and charge for those further afield.
  3.      Spa treatments. Offering high-end additional services attracts different types of clients, and can put you above the competition. It can also be lucrative earner, but you will need to invest in products and equipment.
  4.      Retail sales. This helps boost revenue, and you can easily choose how much product you would like to sell. You could simply specialise in grooming tools or become full-blown pet stores, offering food, collars, bedding etc.. Tailor what you sell according to your clientele, how much you want to invest, and how much space you have.
  5.      Doggy day care. Another lucrative extra that easily fuses with the dog grooming trade. There are a number of considerations here, however. You will need a lot of space, including a rest area, a play area and ideally an outdoor area. You may also need a separate area for puppies, and everything must be well ventilated and in good repair. You also must ensure you have enough staff, and that your public liability insurance covers such activities.

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