Baking for Dogs

Baking for your dog is something every owner should try occasionally. Baking your pet a tasty treat is perfect for celebrating something special, and is a fun way to involve the whole family (including children) in caring for your four legged. Baking homemade treats also guarantees you will know exactly what your dog is eating, which is ideal if he is on a special diet or suffers from any allergies.  You can also ensure your treats are full of nutritious and healthy ingredients, and can tailor recipes to your dog’s taste.

You can vary recipes from something simple to more of a challenge as you see fit. Most dog treat recipes contain no added sugar (so are ideal for keeping canine teeth healthy), and are also an elegant way to utilise a wide variety of leftovers. Just remember to only use food that is safe for dogs to consume.

Groomers now offer a selection of baking products and mixtures, detailed below and available to purchase online, and we also have a number of recipes for dogs available on our blog archive.

Dog Cupcake Kit

This Dog Cupcake Kit features a premixed whole-wheat cupcake recipe specifically designed for dogs. The kit contains only natural ingredients that are healthy for canines – simply add an egg, and little oil and some water and bake. This fun retro cake kit makes 12 frosted cupcakes, using K9 Cakery’s award-winning frosting.

Dog Biscuit Mix

This Dog Biscuit Mix features a tasty premixed peanut butter flavoured biscuit recipe. Again, simply add an egg, and little oil and some water and bake to make up to 30 dog treats. Store after baking in an airtight contain for up to two weeks.

Biscuit Cutter Set

The Biscuit Cutter Set includes various cookie cutters with dog-themed shapes. Ideal to use when making homemade dog biscuits, this set comprises of three varied dog bone shaped cutters, two fire hydrants, one paw and one dog kennel cutter. The set also includes a biscuit recipe.

Silicone Paw Print Cupcake Pan

The Silicone Paw Print Cupcake Pan is an ideal accessory for a spot of dog-themed baking. This heavyweight silicone pan can be used in the oven or microwave, and is freezer and dishwasher safe. Features fifteen paw-shaped cake moulds per tray – simply bend the flexible silicone to pop out each cake with ease.

Paw Print Cupcake Cases

This pack of 100 Paw Print Cupcake Cases features a fun black a white paw print design. These generously sized cases are ideal for some birthday dog baking.

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