Ideas for Easter


It is now officially Spring, and Easter is just around the corner! To celebrate, we at Groomers have compiled a selection of fun, dog-themed tips and ideas for Easter. These suggestions would be ideal for fun at home or with friends, but they would also work well as seasonal promotional endeavours for grooming salons or indeed any dog-based business.

Try Some Easter Themed Treats

Groomers offer a variety of Easter themed treats for dogs, including puppy and dog Easter eggs, and dog hot crossed buns. These would make an ideal gift for your own dogs on Easter Sunday, or you could give them out as presents for friends, or as a thank you for customers.

Try Some Baking

We will post a recipe this Friday on how to make home-made Easter eggs for your pets, or you could check out our blog archive for previous recipes. Click here for these.

Go on a Walk

If the weather is nice (fingers crossed!), why not go on a daffodil walk with your dog? Our favourites are West Dean Woods in W. Sussex, Brigsteer Wood in Cumbria or the Daffodil Way near Gloucester. You could also search online for daffodil walks near you. If you are a business, why not organise a sponsored Easter dog walk with some of your clients?

Arrange an Easter Egg Hunt

This is ideal for anyone with access to a medium to large garden. You could organise this solely for your own dog(s), or if you run a grooming business in the countryside, an Easter egg hunt for clients would be a great promotional tool, and also a lot of fun! Simply hide a variety of edible treats around the garden, such as boiled eggs, or pieces of cheese or cooked meat. Just ensure your garden or outside area is securely gated, and remove any potentially hazardous items such as gardening tools or weed killer.

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