Top 10 Time Saving Tips for the Busy Equestrian


  1. Invest in lightweight tools such as forks to make quick work of heavier jobs.
  2. Attach bright ribbons to key tools such as hoof picks so you can find them easily in a hurry.
  3. Deep litter your horse’s stable to reduce time spent mucking out in the week.
  4. Buy five or six hay nets and fill them all in one go at the weekend. Store them ready for use throughout the week.
  5. Keep overalls and wellies in your car so you do not have to go home to change before tending to your horse.
  6. Keep a head collar in your car so you can go straight out onto the field without having to visit the yard first.
  7. Put a small football in the field trough to stop water freezing in cold weather. This will save time spent breaking ice or replacing water.
  8. If you don’t have the time to ride your horse every day, try lunge work or long reining exercises a couple of times a week. This will give your horse the same amount of exercise as a ride in half the time.
  9. Use a summer sheet under stable rugs to protect them from grease and dirt. This will make washing tasks quicker and easier.
  10. Draw up a rota with another horse owner at your yard so you can have some mornings and/or evenings off.

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