Keeping Your Grooming Salon Ahead of the Competition

For many dog owners, finding a reputable dog grooming salon is a vital part of canine care. Help your salon flourish with these handy hints:

  1. Get references from clients. When you get feedback from customers, ask if you can use their kind words for marketing and/or advertising. Keep an “ego folder” where you note down positive feedback, and remember to consider any negative feedback as well.
  2. Allow prospective clients to look around your salon. This will make customers feel more at ease, and will help them understand the whole grooming process better.
  3. Talk to your staff. Are they accommodating? Knowledgeable? Do they actually seem to care about dogs and dog grooming? It is important to ensure your staff are happy and feel they are doing a good job.
  4. Keep your prices competitive. Do random price checks throughout the year with local competitors to ensure you are charging the right prices for your services. You could also check what prices groomers are charging nationwide via online forums.
  5. Offer consultations to all clients. Explain thoroughly what each dog’s grooming needs are, especially if they are new clients.
  6. Voice any concerns early on. If you have a dog bought in who is matted or worse, explain these issues to the customer straight away, and what you need to do to put it right.

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