Groomers Top 5 Equine Winter Warriors

We have selected our favourite time-saving winter grooming products to help make your life easier through the cold season. Whether you need a quick turn around turn-out straight from the field, fast fixes for plaiting, or sparkling tack cleaning without water, Groomers has the solution.

Quick Wash Self Rinse Shampoo

Groomers Quick Wash is a waterless shampoo that allows you to rapidly spot-clean soiled areas. Ideal for winter, this easy to use shampoo spray removes travel and stable stains, and is perfect for last minute touch-ups at shows. The formula also works well as a pre-clip wash to remove grease residue.  

For best results use on small stains. Rub a wet towel or stable rubber over the soiled area and apply a few sprays of Quick Wash. Massage into a lather, then towel dry against the growth of the coat.

Crystal Gleam Coat Shine Spray

Groomers Crystal Gleam is an oil-free spray formula that enhances the coat for a glossy, conditioned look, without any sticky residue. Excellent for enhancing dark points, Crystal Gleam provides that shiny, freshly bathed look straight from the field.

For best results in winter, use with a hot cloth after grooming. Alternatively, dilute a generous splash of Crystal Gleam into ¼ bucket of hot water, then wipe over coat in the direction of hair growth with a finishing cloth.

Plait ‘n’ Go Fixative Holding Spray

Groomers Plait ‘n’ Go adds grip to the hair with a non-tacky feel, for tighter, tidier plaits and a professional finish. This unique formula allows you to plait faster, making it ideal for cold hands, and contains conditioners to prevent hair breakage.

Lightly spray directly into mane and tail. Leave for one minute, then plait in your normal fashion for a perfect show finish.

Groom and Detangle Spray

Groomers Groomer and Detangle is a conditioning spray to remove knots and tangles without leaving the mane and tail sticky. Helps maintain a full tail without stripping unnecessary hair. Also helps prevent future knotting.

Spray directly into mane and tail before grooming. Allow the spray to work for two minutes, then brush through with a wide-toothed comb. Not suitable for use when plaiting.

Leatherdress Soap

Groomers Leatherdress Soap is a glycerine based cleaner with evening primrose oil to feed and conditioning tack. Leaves all leatherwork soft and supple, with a non-slip shiny finish.

Apply with a damp, but not soaking sponge in circular motions.

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