Groomers Team Riders – Abbie’s Diary

Bury Farm, 11th – 13th January 2013

Lancelot, Cornetta, Valentino and I travelled to Bury Farm with mum, dad and Kate on the Thursday before the show. This was our first show back since Christmas so on the first day (Friday) we just gave the horses a nice jump round. The U23 Olympia Qualifier was the next day – Valentino went clear in the 1.25m speed class, Lancelot just had one time fault in the 1.30m, and I did a circle on Cornetta.

I jumped all three horses in the U23. First to go was Cornetta, who just had a single unlucky fence towards the end of the course. Next was Lancelot, who was 10th to go, and he went clear – only the second clear round of the class. Valentino was 23rd up (second to last); unfortunately, my round on him didn’t go to plan, and as there was already five clears, I decided to retire after having a fence down. I was first to go out of the five of us in the jump off due to having the slowest first round clear. I went quickly doing all the turns, which was enough to win the class!

On Sunday I decided not to jump Lancelot in the Grand Prix as he had won the class the previous night, however, I still competed Valentino and Cornetta. Valentino was the first to go of my two (26th), and he just had a silly fence down, coming out of a double of verticals after a flat four stride distance. Cornetta was towards the end of the class (number 47th) jumping clear in a relatively fast time, meaning we would go third to last in the jump off. There were numerous double clears when I went, and three others were very fast. I set off doing all the turns, but unfortunately had going in the double of verticals that Valentino had down in the first round. We had a fast time, however, meaning we still got 10th place.

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