Canine First Aid: What Every Groomer Should Know

Part 1: Preparation and Prevention

First aid should be a primary concern for every professional dog groomer. Groomers deal with scissors, blades, water, chemicals and even heavy electrical equipment on a daily basis, so taking basic steps to prepare for and prevent potential first aid emergencies is vital.  Here are our top tips for preventing first aid emergencies in the grooming salon.

  • Groom one dog at a time, and keep other dogs in a separate room or in waiting cages.
  • Keep cables unplugged when not in use, and tape them down when necessary to prevent tripping or chewing.
  • Keep electrical items away from bathing stations.
  • Check whether a new client has any allergies or skin problems with their owner, and if you are concerned, do a patch test of liquid products.
  • Store scissors and blades in a specially designed wallet or storage case when not in use.
  • Never leave dogs unsupervised in grooming nooses or muzzles.
  • Test your equipment, and get items serviced and replaced when necessary. Ensure you keep items such as tables and blasters in good working order.
  • Have a vet’s telephone number to hand at all times, plus a 24-hour emergency vet contact near your salon phone.
  • Take a course in canine first aid. These can start as little as £50 per day, and will give you the hands on techniques and knowledge needed to deal with a first aid emergency with any of your canine clients.

Look out next Tuesday for part two in our series on first aid and the professional dog groomer, in which will focus on what items to have in your salon’s first aid kit.

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