How to Complete a Teddy Bear Cut

The teddy bear cut is a very popular clip right now. The clip is quick and easy for groomers to complete and low-maintenance for owners, and it really does look absolutely adorable, leaving pets looking like a teddy bear – ideal for Christmas time! This clip works especially well with long, woolly or wiry coats, and it is also ideal for keeping mixed breed coats looking tidy.

  1. Detangle, bathe and fluff dry the dog.
  2. Equip your clippers with a #10 blade and an attachment comb. Choose an attachment comb between ½” and 1½ ”, depending on the breed, coat type, and the length of the dog’s hair.
  3. Begin at the base of the skull and clip the back and sides of the neck, then clip straight down the middle of the back to the base of the tail.
  4. Continue to clip the hair all over the body and over the hindquarters, ensuring that you clip with the growth of the hair.
  5. Clip excess hair on the feet and legs, keeping them rounded, full, and of a uniform length. Try to keep front and back legs in balance.
  6. Blend the leg hair evenly into the body coat. Ensure the legs flow smoothly with no breaks in the hair.
  7. Scissor the tail to the same even length all over.
  8. Remove the attachment comb and use the #10 blade to carefully trim around the abdomen, under-arms and genitals.
  9. Using scissors, neaten up any untidy areas to finish the main body of the coat. Blend any transition areas with a #3F blade or thinning scissors.
  10. Finally, shape the head, which should be a full and round as possible. Use scissors to feather and blend as necessary, keeping everything as smooth and neat as possible. Ensure you keep the dog’s eyes and nose in the centre of the circle.
  11. Neaten the ears. Ideally, you want to scissor the ears into the circle, but if this is not possible neaten them to a uniform length in keeping with the rest of the coat.
  12. Fluff the coat with a slicker brush or a finishing comb.

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