10 Great Christmas Treats for Your Dog


Your pets are part of the family, so as Christmas approaches, make sure you involve your four legged companions in the festivities. Here is our list of top ten ways to treat pets this holiday season.

1.     Invest in some suitable canine winter clothing. If your dog feels the cold, investing in a practical dog coat can really help during the winter months. Ensure that you purchase a coat that is warm, wind and waterproof.

 2.     Treat your dog to a professional grooming session. Many dog owners will want pets to look their best over the holiday season. A shampoo, spa treatment, or perhaps a light clip will make your dog look and feel good.

 3.     Bake your dog some homemade Christmas biscuits. Look out for our blog next Friday for a brand new dog biscuits recipe especially for Christmas. They make great presents, and dogs love the taste.

 4.     Buy your dog some tasty festive treats. If baking isn’t really your thing then there are plenty of dog-friendly treats available on our website, such as Hatchwell’s Christmas Pudding, made from tasty meats and cereals.

 5.     Buy your dog some festive toys. Festive toys are an ideal way to keep pets (and owners!) entertained, and are useful for keeping an excitable pup preoccupied while you are busy with any Christmas preparations.

 6.     Give your dog a festive Christmas look. Opportunities to jazz up your dog’s appearance over the holidays vary from a fun bowtie collar or a doggy bandana to nail colour.

 7.     Try some festive fragrance. This Christmas, Groomers are offering a limited edition festive fragrance collection, which includes a shampoo and a fragrance spray. The shampoo features orange and cinnamon scents, and the spray is fragranced with spiced apple.

 8.     Offer your dog a warm bed at night. Invest in a thermal bed or blanket to keep him warm, and furnish it with a heat pad or hot water bottle on particularly cold nights.

 9.     Treat your cat. Don’t forget any feline companions – Groomers has a wide selection of festive cat toys, including catnip Santa treats and a snowman shaped scratching board!

 10.  Take your dog for a long winter’s stroll. A whole day walking with their owner(s) in the country – often for a dog there is no gift better.

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