Top 10 Tips for Turnout Rug Usage

  1.     If you plan to clip your horse soon, do not rug too heavily now. Wait until after a full clip.
  2.     After clipping, brush off all cut hair before rugging so it does not stick to rug linings and cause irritation.
  3.     Ensure you remove your horse’s rug and groom him regularly. This is important for hygiene purposes and to stimulate the circulation.
  4.     If you are unsure of the weight needed for your turnout rug, err towards a lighter rug first. You can always add layers underneath if needed. The Lightweight Stormbreaker Rug is an ideal lightweight turnout rug.
  5.     Neck covers should have an anti-rub lining to prevent mane damage. Try the Vancouver Winter Turnout Rug, which has an integrated, fully lined neck cover.
  6.     Try stitching some leather to the front of the chest area to prolong turnout rug life. An ideal solution for horses who like to graze in thorny bushes!
  7.     Dry wet rugs on the horse (providing the horse itself is not wet underneath), or invest in a rug drying rack.
  8.     Use a summer sheet under a heavyweight turnout. Summer sheets are far easier to wash and dry on a regular basis.
  9.     Through prolonged wet, mild winter weather, switch to a medium-weight turnout to ensure your horse does not overheat. Ensure you use a waterproof and breathable medium-weight rug such the Bridleway Ontario Medium Turnout.
  10.   Check your turnout rugs at the end of the cold season to ensure it is still waterproof. Your local saddler can usually recommend someone who can waterproof if necessary.

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