Stable Rug Information, Hints and Tips

  • It is important to use a proper stable rug and not a thin turnout rug for indoor use. Your horse may become too hot otherwise, and will generally be less comfortable.
  • Stable rugs are significantly thinner, and allow for more movement than turnout rugs. In particular, stable rugs are more comfortable for the horse when they are asleep.
  • Stables will provide your horse with some warmth, but it is still important to use a stable rug, especially at night. A stabled horse will typically feel the cold more than a turned-out horse.
  • If possible, buy a separate stable rug for both day and night time stabling. Try the Funnel Heavyweight Stable Rug with 350g filling at night, and the lighter Shires Budget Stable Rug in the day.
  • Use under-blankets in combination with your stable rug as an extra layer on very cold nights. Try the Funnell Under Rug for this.
  • Good stable rugs are breathable to let your horse’s perspiration evaporate. Try the Comfort Zone Lapel Rug, which has both thermal and wicking properties, helping to move moisture away from the skin while keeping the horse warm.
  • Do not place stable rugs too tightly around your horse’s neck and chest, as this can restrict breathing.
  • Ensure you remove your horse’s rug and groom him regularly. This is important for skin health and hygiene purposes, and to stimulate the circulation.
  • Your horse’s breed should be considered when rugging. Thoroughbreds and Arabs will feel the cold more than Icelandics, for example. Consider your horse’s age and health too.

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