Dog Grooming Scissor FAQs

Scissors are perhaps the most frequently used tool in the professional dog groomer’s artillery. It is vital you choose the right scissor for you. There are various technical considerations when buying scissors, however, which is why we have here presented you with the answers to a number of frequently asked questions regarding scissors and scissor choice.

1.     Why is it so important to find the right scissors for me? As a professional dog groomer, you will use scissors every day, sometimes for many hours. Using scissors that are incompatible with your hand size, shape or your technique can cause hand, shoulder, arm, neck and back problems with time.

 2.     How often should I oil my scissors? Oil your scissors once a week at the pivot point. Ensure you use scissor oil not clipper oil.

 3.     What does stainless steel mean exactly? Stainless steel means your scissors are stain resistant. They are not completely stain or rust proof – it is still important to care for your scissors.

 4.     What is German steel?  German steel goes under a specific forging process developed in Germany. This type of steel is very hard and durable. Roseline make all their scissors entirely from German steel.

 5.     Is there a scissor available that never need sharpening? Unfortunately, no! All scissors need sharpening eventually, but you can stave off sharpening by choosing quality scissors and using and maintaining them correctly.

 6.     Why choose curved scissors? Designed for following contours and setting angulations, curved scissors are ideal if you regularly groom woolly coats such as Poodle and Bichons.

 7.     What are chunking shears used for? These are ideal for creating a spikey, fractured look. They take large, infrequent chunks out of the hair. Roseline offer some excellent swan neck chunkers, currently available through Groomers with 10% off.

 8.     What does “ice-tempering” mean? Ice tempering means the shears are subjected to very low temperatures to make them stronger than regular stainless steel. All Roseline scissors are ice tempered.

 9.     What are finger inserts for? Finger inserts are removable rubber rings that support and cushion the fingers for more comfortable use. They are also ideal for thinner fingers, as inserts allow the scissors to fit more securely, putting less strain on your hand.

 10.  Why use scissors with a serrated edge? Serration holds the hair, giving better edge than a non-serrated shear. They are ideal for dry scissoring. All scissors in the Roseline range feature a serrated edge.

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