Checklist for Starting Your Own Grooming Salon – Part 2

So you have got your qualifications, and have a fair bit of hands on dog grooming experience… for many, the next move is to set up their own dog grooming salon. Being your own boss is rewarding but challenging, which is why Groomers have created a checklist of key areas to consider when setting up your own grooming business. This week’s focus will be what to buy when starting out on your own.

  1.      Liquid products. You need to consider what shampoos, conditioners and styling product you will need. Try to buy in bulk, as this will save you both time and money. Groomers offer large 2.5 and 5ltr bottles on a wide variety of our liquid products. Also, ensure that you buy a wide selection of products to tailor to the needs of your clients. The Groomers Starter Pack offers a selection of our best-selling shampoos, conditioners and sprays.
  2.      A professional quality bath. This will make bathing lots of animals quicker and easier. A quality professional bath should allow you to cater for small and large dogs with ease. They will also have handy additional features such as product trays, shower attachments and grooming noose clips. Try to find a bath that is height adjustable, or one that has a ramp to save you from lifting heavy dogs.
  3.      Hair cutting tools. You will need a selection of scissors, as well as a clipper and some trimmers, if you do not already have them. Attachment combs are good option if you do not want to splash out on a variety of clipper blades quite yet.
  4.      A professional grooming table. This should ideally be height adjustable. You will also need a grooming arm and nooses.
  5.      A professional standard dryer. Groomers offer a range of dryers, including blasters, cabinets and handheld dryers. A combi-dryer is best for most start-up businesses, however, as they are particularly versatile.
  6.      Essential brushes and combs. These include a universal slicker brush, a combination comb, a de-matter, a bristle brush and a shedding tool. You might also like to invest in hand striping tools and coat kings, depending on your clientele.
  7.      Canine hygiene products. This should include nail clippers, facial wipes/solution, ear forceps and ear cleaning solution.
  8.      Salon hygiene and safety products. It is also important that you consider your own professional environment. Ensure you have a first aid kit, and sterilising equipment such as Barbicide solution or a UV steriliser. Invest in some non-slip rubber floor matting, and you should also consider protective clothing. Protective clothing should include a waterproof apron, appropriate footwear and protective gloves.

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