Brand Profile: Andis

Andis is today the most popular clipper brand for both hairdressers and dog groomers in the US and the UK. The company has humble beginnings, however. Company founder Matthew Andis made his first clipper in the basement of his home in Racine, Wisconsin in 1921. Racine, a manufacturing hub in 1920s, was the birthplace of a variety of new motor technology and interestingly is home to both Andis and Oster clipper brands. The success of Andis’ first electric clipper was considerable, and mass manufacturing began in earnest in 1922. Andis pioneered the first product in the Master Clipper generation, which are still used to this day, and the company also developed some of the first clippers specifically designed for dog grooming back in the 1970s.

Andis now offers a comprehensive range of clipper products for complete animal grooming. Andis boast compact, well-engineered clippers and trimmers with powerful yet quiet running. These versatile clippers are perfect for students and professionals alike, and are ideal for heavy-duty use. Andis products are low maintenance, with a wide variety of spare parts available to purchase separately, and the company offers a wide range of both mains and battery powered products. Andis clippers are ergonomically designed specifically for dog groomers, and are easy to switch on and off when in use.

Andis also offer the widest range of replacement blades on the market. The best-selling blade in the Andis range is the ULTRAEdge, a carbon-steel infused blade that stays sharper far longer than traditional blades, and will withstand more sharpening treatments too. Then there is the Andis CERAMICEdge, which includes a ceramic topper blade, allowing for 50% cooler running, along with a low heat transfer rate and friction index. Finally, there is the SHOWEdge range, a revolutionary blade offering an impeccably smooth finish to out-perform all other blades on the market. Every Andis blade is universal, interchangeable and detachable, allowing you to cope with various breeds quickly throughout the day.

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