­Checklist for Starting Your Own Grooming Salon – Part 1



So you have got your qualifications, and have a fair bit of hands on dog grooming experience… for many, the next move is to set up their own dog grooming salon. Being your own boss is rewarding but challenging, which is why Groomers have created a checklist of key areas to consider when setting up your own grooming business. This week’s focus will be what to do when starting out on your own.

  1.      Consider the type of business you want to run. Options include sole proprietorship, mobile grooming, partnerships and franchises. All these options are viable, but it is important to find one to suit your needs.
  2.      Create a business plan. You need to consider the type of business you want to run. Will you specialise in a particular breed, or offer any additional services? Would you like to set up a high end, luxury spa, or something more simple and understated? Consider your market and competitors. You also need to decide whether you will need any employees to work under you, and create a name for your business.
  3.      Set up shop. Find an appropriate space for your business, whether that is working from home or in a stand-alone shop. You can then purchase your equipment and have items installed if necessary. Buy the best quality equipment you can afford, as these will last longer and give better results. Also consider interior and exterior decoration.
  4.      Sort out any technical matters. You will probably need to register as self-employed, and if you intend to employ people, you should consider hiring an accountant. Liability insurance is also a vital consideration. Also, check with your local council to find out if there are any licences you will need for your new business in your area.
  5.      Marketing. If you are moving from a salon into your new business, let your current clients know about the move – word of mouth is often the best type of marketing. Try adverts in the Yellow Pages or your local newspaper, as many prospective clients still use this medium. It is absolutely vital that you have a website for your new business, and you could also try employing social media marketing too.

Next week we will publish the second part in this series, detailing a checklist of vital equipment needed for your new grooming business.

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