Product Focus: Groomers Simply Naturals

Groomers Simply Naturals range offers effective, deep cleansing formulations, made from high-grade natural ingredients. Each Simply Naturals product is kind to hands and environmentally friendly, and is free from parabens, sulphates, petroleum derived chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

Why Use the Groomers Simply Naturals Range?

Better for the Dog: Canine skin is often very sensitive, and the chemical formulas found in normal shampoos can affect skin health. Sulphates, for example, are a regular shampoo ingredient that can cause skin irritation. In addition, mineral oil and other petroleum-based products can stop the body from creating its natural nourishing oils. This in turn can lead to further skin irritations and a dull coat. Groomers Simply Naturals range is sulphate and petrol chemical free.

Better for You: Traditional shampoo formulas commonly contain parabens, which are man-made chemicals used as preservatives. As well as potentially causing skin irritation in canines, studies show that parabens can cause contact dermatitis in humans with consistent use. All our Simply Naturals shampoos are parabens free. We also use natural fragrances throughout the range, which are less likely to cause rashes and skin irritations than synthetic fragrances.

Better for the Environment: Using Groomers Simply Naturals shampoos will lower the amount of chemicals entering the local water supply. Both parabens and sulphates are a persistent pollutant that can be toxic to marine life. Some sulphates can even work as a pesticide. Boosting your green credentials could also help to attract new clients to your salon.


The Groomers Simple Naturals range consists of three products: Jasmine and Lemongrass Shampoo, Tearless Shampoo and Oatmeal and Honey Shampoo. Each shampoo is available in salon-sized bottles of up to 5 litres, and the range is also available for resale in individual bottles or packs of six. Groomers are currently offering 15% off the entire range until 9th November 2012.

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