How to Choose the Right Pair of Scissors

Selecting the correct shears for you and your work is an important decision for any professional dog groomer. Choosing the right scissors can positively affect the quality and speed of your work and keep your wallet happy. They can even improve posture and stave off the typical aches and pains that many in the grooming industry suffer from – namely shoulder, neck, wrist and elbow discomfort, along with the dreaded carpel tunnel syndrome.

Selecting the right scissors for you is always a personal choice. Your scissors have to fit your body shape, posture and scissoring techniques. Groomers offer a wide range of grooming scissors to cater for all these considerations, but in particular, we now stock a new range of scissors from renowned manufacture Geib that offer quality cuts along with comfortable use.

The Geib Black Pearl range are professional dog grooming shears constructed from high grade Japanese cobalt steel, complete with a highly durable black titanium coating to offer a precise and well-honed cut. Each set of Black Pearl scissors are well-balanced and have been weighted for maximum precision and comfort.

Key Considerations When Selecting New Shears:

Handle Shape. It is widely considered that offset handles are the best shape ergonomically for most people. Offset handles keep your thumb in a more natural position, which puts less strain on the carpel tunnel nerve. The offset shape also helps to lower the elbow naturally, putting less strain on the joint. The entire Black Pearl range from Geib features only offset handles.

Scissor Length. The length of your fingers and the size of your hand, combined with the type of work you are completing will affect the length of scissor you will need. You may find you need a variety of scissors with differing lengths to complete your work. Typically, choosing a scissor with a long blade (7” plus) with a short shank will mean your hand should work less and experience less fatigue. All the scissors in the Black Pearl range feature a short shank with a longer blade.

Materials.Most dog grooming scissors are constructed from stainless steel or carbon steel, which make for sturdy scissors that will hold an edge well. The optimum material for scissors however is now cobalt steel, which is ultra-lightweight, yet resists nicks and chips greater than stainless steel. All scissors in the Black Pearl range are constructed from cobalt steel, and are also coated in thick titanium for extra durability.

Groomers are currently offering 10% on all Geib scissors, including every scissor in the Black Pearl range. To view our complete stock of Geib products, click here.

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