Ten Ways Dog Groomers can Impress their Customers

  1.     Maintain an attractive storefront. Having an attractive, professional storefront will immediately impress clients before they even walk through the door. It will also attract new customers. Make sure your storefront is professional and relays what your business does, although you can of course add personal touches or an element of fun if you so choose. Hire professional sign writers if you can afford it, and perhaps redesign your window displays to fit the seasons or for events such as Christmas.
  2.    Know your stuff. Having an in-depth knowledge of your field will always impress your customers. Learn the different types of clip for popular breeds of dogs by heart, and offer advice and information for owners. Take part in professional development when you can, and have some useful reference books at the ready to answer more obscure questions.
  3.    Be eco-friendly. The “green pound” is big business these days, and touting your green credentials is a great way to impress customers and perhaps even save you some money. Keep a record of your eco-friendly measures and display them in your salon, or feature the information in adverts. Try to offer a natural range of products too, such as the Groomers Simply Naturals range, which is free from parabens, synthetic fragrance, sulphates and petroleum derived chemicals.
  4.     Diversify your knowledge. Gain additional qualifications in a subject that is not directly related to grooming, such as animal nutrition or behaviour. This added knowledge will both impress and help your customers, and will give you an edge over any competition.
  5.    Hone your people skills. Try to be positive and friendly to customers at all times. Explain any issues with the dog’s coat, and try not to lecture or chastise – be understanding of the owner’s perspective and make time to help educate or put things right. Take extra care of unhappy customers, and make sure to thank everyone for their business after a session.
  6.    Offer a little luxury. Spa facilities and luxury pet grooming is really starting to appeal to a wide range of customers. Spa-type treatments such as pet massages, aromatherapy, facials and pedicures are particularly popular. You could also invest in products from some high-end brands such as Pet Head or Warren London.
  7.     Try finishing products. Finishing products offer an added “wow factor” to any coat. With finishing products, you can add shine, hold, condition, smooth fly-away hairs and volumise. Groomers have a wide range of finishing products for all needs and coat types.
  8.     Develop a great business card. Offering your customers well designed, informative business cards will really impress, and help remind and encourage them to return. Develop a professional-looking business card with good graphics and all your contact details listed, and have appointment information on the back for their reference.
  9.     Maintain a good online presence. Online marketing is a quick, easy, and often free way to impress your clients and market your business. You should always have a website, with useful information to help customers such as pricing and location. You could also try to develop a presence on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These channels allow customers to communicate with you more easily, and allow you to update customers quickly on offers, opening times, etc..
  10.  Accommodate your customers. It is always disappointing when you cannot get an appointment when you need it. You need to be open when your customers need you. Stay open late a couple of nights a week and open at weekends. Also consider working late for an emergency customer – if you do not, they might have to go elsewhere.

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