Ten More Ways Dog Groomers can Impress their Clients

After the popularity of our last blog on this topic, we have devised a few more innovative ways dog groomers can continue to impress their clients!

  1.      Offer free grooming consultations without commitment. This is particularly valuable to new dog owners, or those who are new to breeds that need professional grooming. Offering clients a little of your time and knowledge free of charge will both impress and reassure.
  2.      Invest in retail sales items. Selling useful products in your salon will inspire and help your clients, and make you a bit of extra cash. Groomers offers point of sale and shelf-talker displays for our retail sales ranges for an added professional finish.
  3.      Display your qualifications in your salon. An easy way to impress your clients. Put all your personal certificates in good quality frames, and if they are happy to, put your employee’s certificates on the wall as well.
  4.      Provide an attractive waiting area for your customers. Even if you run a small salon, customers may have to wait for their dog from time to time. Ensure you have a few comfortable seats, and perhaps some magazines for customers to use. A water fountain is another nice touch.
  5.      Respond to enquiries quickly. If a customer makes any sort of enquiry, you should aim to reply within 24 hours, or if possible before the end of the working day. This includes telephone/answerphone enquiries, emails and queries on social networking sites. A quick response will really impress current and prospective customers, and give them less opportunity to enquire elsewhere.
  6.      Offer additional services. Offer some services that none of your competitors offer, such as creative grooming or anal expression.
  7.      Ask customers for feedback. Offer a comments box in the salon, furnished with paper and pens so customers can provide comments or suggestions. Alternatively, for the more technologically minded, why not set up an online survey and request customers fill it out via social networking sites?
  8.      Send Christmas cards to regular customers. This is a nice touch and will make you more noteworthy with your customers. It is also important to send condolence cards if a pet that you groom passes away.
  9.      Dress all staff in a salon uniform. This never fails to create a professional look. Select a palette of two colours that your salon uniform will stick to, and for a really professional look have your company name and logo embroidered on each item.
  10.    Offer a pet washing station. Setting up a self-washing pet station in your salon offers a further dimension to your business, and is ideal for attracting clients who own breeds that do not need regular professional grooming.

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