Essential Salon Equipment for the Professional Groomer


Newly qualified groomer? Or perhaps about to open your own dog grooming business for the first time? Make the process simple by ensuring you purchase essential equipment items for your salon. Professional dog grooming businesses need to be well equipped to deal with a wide variety of dog breeds and grooming needs effectively, so having the right tools for the job is vital. Here is Groomers quick reference list of the essential equipment that every new dog grooming business should consider investing in.

  1. Adjustable grooming table. A professional grooming table provides the ideal area for you to complete your work. Choose a hydraulic or electric table for easy height adjustment and greater back and neck comfort.
  2. Professional dog bath. Investing in a quality bath helps to utilise your work area and increase productivity. It will also provide a more comfortable, ergonomic area for you to work in. Invest in a height adjustable bath if possible, or a bath with a ramp or some steps to save you from lifting heavy dogs.
  3. Blaster. Using a blaster will cut your drying time in half, and will also help remove any dead hair, dirt and debris remaining in the coat. Choose a high velocity blaster, ideally with optional heat and speed settings.
  4. Grooming stool. As a professional groomer, it is very important you find time to sit when you can. A comfortable stool can make the day far less tiring. Invest in a height adjustable, cushioned stool so you can adapt your working height.
  5. Protective clothing. It is important to wear appropriate clothing when grooming. Along with your everyday workwear, you should invest in a waterproof apron, and disposable gloves and oversleeves. It is also important to wear appropriate footwear that support your feet and ankles when standing for long periods. Your work shoes should also be slip resistant and waterproof.

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