Canine Coat Care – Smooth Coats

Many dog owners, especially new dog owners, feel slightly lost in the world of grooming. With so many coat types and breeds, along with the huge number of grooming tools available, it can be difficult to know which tools and techniques are suitable for your dog. Grooming is a very important element of dog ownership, however. It is important for skin and coat health, and also helps you bond with your pet. We at Groomers have therefore compiled a guide to typical grooming tools and techniques needed for popular breeds by coat type. Today we will look at the needs of a smooth coat. 

Qualities of a Smooth Coat

Smooth coats feature very short, straight hair that is fine and soft. The coat lies flat against the skin, and can even look a bit like skin in light-coloured coats. Popular breeds with smooth coats include Dalmatians, Whippets, Greyhounds and Dachshunds.

Smooth coats are generally very easy to groom, and are ideal for people who do not have lot of time to dedicate to grooming.  They need brushing once or twice a week to remove any dirt or dead hair, plus an occasional bath, and of course the obligatory check of nails and ears on occasion. A full groom by a professional is not usually necessary with smooth coated dogs, although you might want to take your dog to a pro occasionally to have its nails trimmed for example.

Tools You Will Need for Grooming a Smooth Coat

  • Jelly Scrubber. Use this once a week to remove dead skin and dried dirt from the coat. Your dog should also enjoy the massaging bristles on its skin.
  • Bristle brush. Follow the scrubbing mitt by grooming with a bristle brush to help smooth the coat and remove dead hair and dirt. Use a brush with natural bristles for best results.
  • Polishing mitt. Finish your brushing routine with a polishing cloth or mitt. This will help to further distribute any oils and give the coat added shine.
  • Shampoo. Smooth coats only need bathing on occasion, unless your dog gets particularly muddy or smelly on walks. Bath with Groomers EPO Shampoo, which is particularly gentle on canine skin.
  • Grooming wipes. Ideal for on-the-spot cleaning when necessary.

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