Introducing Geib Scissors and Clipper Blades

Groomers are pleased to announce that we are now an authorised stockist of Geib scissors and clipper blades. Made using state of the art materials, technology and methods, Geib create grooming tools of the highest quality. Crafted with precision, skill and absolute care, each Geib product is a reliable, precise and long-serving tool. Geib offer peerless quality to meet the needs of any professional groomer, from beginners to experts.

Company Background

The Geib company was established over 30 years ago by Edward M. Geib. Initially trained by a German cutlerer, Geib also studied the manufacture of surgical instruments, and received training from no less than nine major Japanese scissor companies. Geib’s thirst for technical knowledge continues to this day. He still regularly visits steel companies, forging plants, heat treatment facilities and manufacturers internationally. Such efforts ensure that his company can offer the finest materials and the latest methods through his products.


Geib Innovations

Since its inception, the Geib company has been a pioneer in the research, development and manufacture of professional dog grooming scissors, with an international reputation for quality workmanship.  Geib continually invest in improving their products to meet even the most current needs of professional dog groomers.

Major developments include Geib’s introduction of the ball bearing pivot mechanism. This incorporates a ball bearing in a housing that is press-fitted into the pivot hole, restricting the motion of the pivot, eliminating any “wobble”. Geib have also developed the finest sharpened edge made from a special stainless steel alloy. This edge will cut effortlessly through even coarse, thick pet hair.


From this week onward, Groomers will stock a number of different ranges from Geib, including the Gator, Katana, Blue Breeze and Black Pearl scissor ranges, and well as Geib’s new range of clipper blades. All Geib scissors come with a lifetime guarantee on all parts, materials and workmanship. Geib also offer a premium sharpening service, which includes hollow-grinding, polishing, minor repairs and bumper replacements. During a service, each pair of scissors will also be set and tested by hand.

Geib items are precision tools that offer a high quality action and reliability. They are very comfortable to use and look outstanding.

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