Essential Dog Grooming Items for the Home

There are so many different dog grooming tools and formulas out there that for pet owners, it can sometimes difficult to distinguish the wood from the trees. Different types of dog need different types of equipment – what is essential kit for grooming a Cocker Spaniel will not necessarily be the same as a Jack Russell Terrier, for example.

You do not need to invest huge amounts of money getting kitted out for dog grooming, but it can take a significant amount of time for your average dog owner to fathom exactly which brush is right for which dog. That is why we at Groomers have compiled a quick reference list of essential grooming tools that every dog owner should invest in and find useful.

  1.      Dog shampoo. Human shampoos are not intended for dog coats. Canine skin has a different pH to human skin, so using shampoo designed for people can over time unbalance and dry out both skin and coat. Instead, you should invest in a good dog shampoo to fit your pet’s individual needs. There is a huge range of shampoos available, including detangling shampoo, colour enhancing formulas, and shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin.
  2.      Dog conditioner. Conditioning products are often overlooked, but they do provide many benefits, including keeping the coat shiny and preventing tangles. A particularly important investment for owners of long haired dogs.
  3.      Fragrance/deodorising spray. Every dog needs deodorising from time to time, and if your dog has a penchant for rolling, these sprays are an absolute must. Helps cover up lingering smells that just will not wash out.
  4.      Quick wash spray. Ideal for quick spot cleans. Convenient for all dog owners, and vital if your dog dislikes baths.
  5.      Slicker brush. The ideal brush for every breed and coat type. This multi-purpose dog brush removes moulted hair, small knots, and even dirt and debris from the coat.
  6.      Medium comb. A basic all-round comb that works well on most dog breeds. For removing light tangles.
  7.      Nail file. Most dogs need their nails trimmed or filed on occasion. Filing is the simplest and safest way to keep on top of your dog’s nails at home, allowing you to remove any burrs or shorten the length if necessary.
  8.      Disinfectant. It is important you ensure all the tools and the area you use to groom your dog are disinfected, or your dog could risk infection. Ideally, you should invest in a disinfectant designed specifically for dog grooming equipment.

Other vital dog grooming items include basics such as towels (paper and regular cotton towels are both useful), bin bags, cotton wool and perhaps some dog treats. A notebook might also be helpful, so you can jot down details of the last time you groomed your dog.

It is important to remember that this list is not comprehensive for every dog/dog breed. If you own a Poodle or a Bichon Frise, for example, tools such as clippers and bullnose scissors are also essential. If you a double coated dog, an undercoat rake is also an essential piece of equipment. This list should however cover the basic grooming needs of most dogs.

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