The Secret to a Clean and Tidy Home: Top 10 Tips For Pet Owners


If you own pets, keeping a clean house can be a challenge. Hygiene is obviously important, but it can at times be difficult to maintain a clean home without making pets feel unwelcome. Restricting your pets to only a couple of rooms, or employing vast amounts of Dettol may seem like a solution, but ultimately such efforts may be of little benefit. By exercising some simple routines and pre-emptive measures, however, it is possible for pet owners to keep a clean house that is pleasant for pets and humans alike.

Top 10 Tips

  1. Give dogs plenty of quality time and exercise. Dogs are less likely to exhibit destructive behaviours such as scratching and chewing if you keep them entertained and happy. They will also be less likely to have accidents inside if given regular toilet breaks.
  2. Vacuum regularly. Use a high-grade filter on your hoover, and use the upholstery attachment to thoroughly clean furniture and curtains.
  3. Feed pets in a designated utility area. You could also store food and any cutlery needed here too. Wash bowls and wipe the floor immediately after your pet has eaten. Do not leave food out for your pet when you are out, and store dry kibble in an airtight container, otherwise it may attract mice or other pests.
  4. Groom your dog outside regularly. You should brush your pet at least a couple of times a week, although some breeds will require daily brushing. The more hair you remove with a brush, the less hair there will be in your house.
  5. Be sensible with upholstery. Silk and velvet are not pet proof. Leather is a good investment, however, as it is tough, hardwearing and easy to clean. You could also consider choosing fabrics that match your pet’s colouring – creams or beiges would be ideal for owners of Shih Tzus or Shelties, as moulted hair will be less obvious than on darker colours.
  6. Remove hair from your clothes at the end of the day. That way you will not introduce pet hair to the rest of your wardrobe. Use double-sided tape, or a rubber tool such as the Zoom Groom to remove any hair.
  7. Invest in an air purifier. This will remove dander and hair from the air in house, leaving it smelling clean and fresh.
  8. Offer cats a scratching post. Cats need to scratch sometimes; investing in an entertaining scratching post will discourage them from scratching your furniture.
  9. Re-vamp your floors. Reconsider wall-to-wall carpeting. Floorboards or tiling is ideal for pet owners, as it is easy to clean thoroughly with either steam or a mop. If redecorating is not possible, cover high trafficked areas with a patterned rug or runner to easily conceal stains such as muddy paws.
  10. Keep your pet’s bedding area clean. Pet beds are a breeding ground for all types of flea and other parasites, so keeping this area clean and hygienic will benefit the cleanliness of your entire house. Choose pet bedding that is easy to clean. A wicker or plastic basket that can be wiped/hosed down, combined with a machine washable blanket is a good combination.

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