How to Make the Ultimate Natural Fly Repellent

This natural fly repellent is cheap and easy to make, and is safe to use on most horses. It will repel flies, mosquitos and horse flies brilliantly, and contains entirely natural ingredients, which have less side effects and a lower toxicity compared to traditional equine fly repellents. If made correctly, this formulation should keep for several weeks. Ensure that you do not leave it in direct sun, and do not spray directly onto your horses face. Shake before use.


This method makes enough fly repellent for a 700ml bottle; you can of course adjust the measurements for your own needs. Ensure that you wear gloves when handling essential oils.

  1. Boil two sprigs of fresh rosemary with the juice of one lemon and 250ml water. Leave to steep for 12 hours.
  2. Remove rosemary sprigs and decant liquid into a spray bottle.
  3. Add 300ml of Apple Cider Vinegar.
  4. Add two tablespoons citronella oil (ensure this is the plant based citronella oil and not the petroleum based type).
  5. Finish with one teaspoon of eucalyptus essential oil and one teaspoon of lavender essential oil.
  6. Shake thoroughly for one minute and apply liberally*.


*Ensure you complete a skin test first for sensitivity.

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