Dog Friendly Places to Enjoy the Olympics

We are now into July, and with the London Olympics less than a month away, many local authorities have exciting plans for the games. Dozens of community screens are being set up across the country, most of which will be outdoors and dog friendly.  These screens are an ideal way to be involved in the Olympics at a local level, and are especially ideal if you have been unable to get tickets, or live too far away from London to get to the games.

There is a wealth of venues across the UK with large screens to watch the Olympics, some of which will be operating every day during the games. For example, there will be a screen in Hyde Park in London that will be open and free to access, and there will also be screens in Belfast outside the front of the City Hall, Edinburgh in the Festival Square and Leeds at the Millennium Square, amongst many others. Most of these screens are free to watch with no ticket purchase necessary, and will be held in public areas such as parks and squares, which will no doubt welcome quiet, well-behaved dogs on leads.

If you would like to take your dog along to one of these events, you should check with your Local Authority first to ensure dogs are welcome at the screen near you. You should also consider how confident your dog is around crowds and strangers, as there is bound to be a lot of people gathered for these events. Use should also ensure that your dog is well behaved. As a guide, you should only take your dog to one of the Olympics screens (or indeed any public event) if you can ensure the following:

  • Your dog is well-trained and will sit, stay and come on command.
  • Your dog will not disturb others by barking.
  • Your dog will not jump up on other people.
  • Your go will not go after other people’s food.
  • Your dog is clean, and that you clean up after your dog.
  • You dog has a collar, lead and ID tag on at all times.

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