4 Must Haves for Every Show Kit


For a gleaming coat use Blue Pearl Enhancer Equine Shampoo. Brightening & stain-removing to enhance and condition grey and white coats, blazes and socks.

Use neat on stubborn stains. Perfect for whitening heavy feathers or white socks.


This all-in-one groom and detangle spray helps remove knots and tangles from both mane and tail without stripping hairs. Smoothes coat and repels dust without stickiness.

We recommend spraying through the tail just after washing. Plait the tail to the end, secure with a plaiting band and then leave to dry. Unravel and shake/comb out for a full shiny tail ready for the showring. Avoid use on the saddle area and on manes prior to plaiting.

For a perfect gloss finish use Groomers Equine Crystal Gleam Spray. The oil-free liquid formula produces the ultimate shine without any sticky residue. Suitable for all coat types and gentle on the skin.

Spray Crystal Gleam sparingly all over the coat for a conditioned finish after grooming. For best results spray this product directly onto a damp horse after bathing, or with a hot cloth to remove dust.

Excellent for enhancing dark points and quartermarks.  

For added grip and hold when plaiting, try Groomers Equine Plait ‘n’ Go. The non-tacky formulation features a unique combination for crisper plaits and a professional show finish.

Helps prevent hair from breaking, allowing the plait to stay in place for long periods. Ideal for use on both manes and tails. Perfect for setting quartermarks. Finish plaits with a medium hold hairspray for long lasting results.

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