Groomers Team Riders – Abbie’s Hand Show Diary

Hand EC, Bristol: 13th – 16th June

We took five horses to this show and also brought another while we were there…. His name is Obligado (“Barney”), a 16hh bay gelding, who has been competing at top level with his previous rider. My first show on him will be Hickstead (20th – 24th June).

On the first day I competed all my horses apart from Olympia. Fleur was 13th and Orixa was double clear in the 1.20m two-phase competition. Rudolf jumped the 1.30m, but I only jumped the first round, just to give him a run round a few fences before the 1.40m the next day, as he had not been to a show since Bonheiden! Benavita, who I was competing due to Sam (Hutton) being away, jumped the six year olds. She was clear in the first and second round but unfortunately just had a fence down in the final third round. It was very big for a six- year-old course, and three rounds is a lot for a young horse, so I think she was a little bit tired! We were very pleased with her though.

The second day I only competed three horses but managed to ride eight times! Olympia and Valentino did the 1.40m A10 – Olympia was double clear ending up forth, and Valentino just had the last fence down in the first round, very unlucky! Orixa jumped the 1.30m two-phase and just had the first fence down!

The third day, Friday, I competed Olympia and Valentino in the area trial. Both had eight faults – Olympia with a foot in the water and the back bar going in the combination, and Valentino with the first fence and the fence after the water as it was a little long (people were later adding to that fence but as I was third to go we did not know that at the time!) Vita jumped the 1.20m and went clear.

On the last day Vita and Orixa jumped the 1.25m A4. Orixa was double clear and came seventh, and Vita just had one unlucky fence. Valentino jumped the 1.40m and just had the last fence in the first round, but was jumping very well! Luckily the rain held off for most of the show which made the day much nicer!

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