Tips for Finding a Reputable Dog Grooming Salon


Grooming is an essential part of canine health and hygiene. Finding a reputable dog grooming salon, who you are happy and comfortable with is therefore very important, especially if you own a breed of dog that needs regular professional grooming.

Most dog groomers will have obtained some sort of professional qualification, and therefore should be able to provide you with evidence of their training. They may even have it on display in their grooming salon. However, one should note that the dog grooming industry is at present unlegislated, so proof of training is not necessarily evidence of quality grooming skills, or good business practise. There are innumerate good dog groomers out there eager to offer you their services; however it can take time and effort to find the right groomer for you and your dog. Groomers have therefore formulated some guidance to help with any decision making.

  1.      Get a reference. Ask friends, family and colleagues for recommendations on grooming salons they frequent and have had good experiences with. If you see a person in the park with a well-groomed dog – politely approach them and ask where they have their dog groomed. Bad grooming salons rarely get good references.
  2.      Check out the salon in person. Drop into a prospective grooming salon unannounced. A good salon owner will be glad to show you the facilities. Try to see all the areas where dogs are groomed if possible. Check for cleanliness, safety, and check that the business uses well-maintained and up-to-date equipment.
  3.      Talk to the staff. Are they accommodating? Knowledgeable? Do they actually seem to care about dogs and dog grooming? Talk to the salon manager and other members of staff to get a good feel for the place.
  4.      Consider a mobile groomer. They come to you, so you can have more input on the methods and equipment used than you would in a traditional salon setting. Be aware however that you will have to tolerate some mess in your home if you choose this option.
  5.      Ask for a consultation. It is important that your new groomer knows how to clip your dog correctly. Many groomers specialise in certain breeds or sizes of dog – can they cater well to your dog specifically? It may help to take in a picture of your dog, and the kind of clip you would like too.
  6.      Voice any concerns early on. If your new groomer has done something you do not like, it is important to tell them, so they can make allowances for next time. Also, make sure you take time to explain any issues with your pet when you first visit the new salon – for example if your dog has sensitive skin.

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