Dog Easter Egg Hunt Ideas


This seasonal game is ideal for inside or outside, and is great fun for the whole family to be involved in.

Just like preparing an Easter egg hunt for children, it is important to vary the difficulty of your hiding places, and try not to hide the treats too well, or else your dog may never find them! Keeping your dog out of the area that you are preparing the hunt in can also give an added sense of anticipation.

Foods You Can Use

There is a wide variety of foods you can use in your Easter egg hunt – the game certainly does not need to be limited to dog treats! It is important to remember though not to hide more food than your dog would get in a normal meal, and you should also consider feeding your dog a lighter breakfast/dinner than usual so they do not over eat. In addition, make sure you do not include real Easter eggs in your hunt, as chocolate is toxic to dogs.

  • Boiled eggs. Most dogs love eggs, and they are full of protein and vitamins. Ensure you shell the eggs completely before using and do not allow your dog to eat too many.
  • Dog treats.
  • Easter themed dog treats. Groomers stock a number of Easter themed treats, including hot cross buns, and special dog Easter eggs made from carob.
  • Home-made Easter eggs. You can find Groomers’ recipe for home-made dog Easter eggs here.
  • Chunks of cheese.
  • Bits of cooked meat. Choose whatever meat your dog loves, e.g. ham, cooked chicken, left over roast dinner…

When setting up the hunt, you could choose one type of food your dog likes best, or vary the snacks. Varying the food used on the hunt can be quite nice, as it makes the game more stimulating and interesting for your four-legged friend.

Other Things to Consider

You might also consider holding an open Easter egg hunt for neighbours and friends. This is a great way to get to know people in the community, and is also a good opportunity to socialise your dog. Add more fun by making invitations, or perhaps charging a small fee to raise funds for an animal charity, (make sure you register with the charity first). It’s also important to ensure that each dog is monitored by their owner during any activity, and don’t forget to have a few spare dog waste bags ready for those who run out!

Some Precautions

  • Ensure that you have given your garden a spring clean if you are planning to have your Easter egg hunt outside. Remove any dog waste or hazardous garden implements and products such as weed killers etc.
  • Consider traffic and ensure your garden is sufficiently gated.
  • If you are setting up your hunt inside, be careful not to hide eggs near electrical sockets or radiators.
  • Ensure plenty of water is provided.
  • Remember where you have hidden every treat, and collect any food not found.
  • Ensure that you monitor your dog(s) throughout the game, and offer lots of praise each time they find a treat.
  • Ensure you carefully pick your canine party members as food can often cause squabbles and a fight will spoil the fun.

And most importantly have fun!

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