New Innovations in Dog Grooming

This weekend, in correlation with Crufts, sees the release of our new look catalogue. We have hundreds of innovative new products in our 2012 catalogue, continuing our aim to bring you the best selection of grooming items on the market, at the best possible prices. Over the next few weeks, all these new items will become available for you to buy online. Here is a quick taster of some of the innovative new products we will soon be stocking for the professional groomer.

Barbicide Bullets

Barbicide Bullets feature the same hospital-grade, broad-spectrum disinfectant, only this time the formula is available in six pre-measured, concentrated capsules. Developed to disinfect combs, brushes and scissors, the Barbicide formula kills ringworm and bacteria. To use, simply mix one Barbicide Bullet with 950ml water in the spray bottle provided.

Artero Technics X-Tron Clipper

The Artero Technics X-Tron Clipper is a powerful digital clipper featuring a smart LCD control panel. The X-Tron provides information on the status of its battery life and function, and also informs the user when the clipper is running low on oil.

Animal ID Bands

An essential item for any busy grooming salon, these bands offer a low-cost identification system, providing an area to record any necessary details on the animal. Write in either pencil or pen.

Isle of Dogs Replascent Spray

These new Isle of Dogs Replascent Sprays contain a revolutionary odour neutralising formula to deodorise and freshen dog coats. The sprays help to neutralise bad odours, replacing any scent with a varied range of delicious fragrances – either red berries and champagne, sugarcane and grapefruit, or violet and sea mist.

Just Ducky Grooming Lead

This Grooming Lead offers an effective new way to secure animals while grooming. Constructed from a unique polyurethane material, the loop end works as a slip lead to accommodate any size of dog. The Lead is waterproof, and is easily cleaned with soap and water to prevent bacteria, mould and mildew.

Soft Paws Air Muzzle II

The Air Muzzle is an innovative restraint to stop dogs from biting during grooming sessions. Designed by veterinarians, this quick and easy to fit muzzle features a new patented sliding collar design that slips easily on and off the animal’s head without blocking its sight, causing less anxiety. The muzzle is constructed from strong, translucent plastic, allowing full sight of the animal’s face. Ideal for cats or short-nosed dogs who often cannot wear traditional muzzles.

Original Monkey Cord

The Original Monkey Cord is a smart and effective cable tie designed specifically for use in grooming salons. Helps save time spent untangling clipper and trimmer cables.

Guillotine 3-in-1 Pedicure Set

This Pedicure Set offers the vital equipment necessary for grooming dog’s nails in one handy tool. Includes a guillotine style nail clipper, a nail file and a styptic powder dispenser in the handle.

Non-Slip Vet Bed

This new Non-Slip Vet Bed is ideal for lining dog cages, keeping dogs comfortable while they await collection. Every Vet Bed features a deep pile, making it both warm and soft, however this new model features an anti-slip backing, which is double woven, making it harder to chew, and more secure on smooth surfaces.

Grooming Mitt Pack

The Grooming Mitt Pack contains ten disposable grooming mittens perfect for finishing dog coats. These biodegradable grooming gloves help restore moisture and keep the coat shiny and clean. Each glove is infused with a pleasant fresh scent.

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