New Innovations in Dog Grooming: Warren London

Warren London is a luxury spa and grooming products line developed exclusively for dogs. Ideal for dog owners and professional grooming salons alike, this high-end American brand produce innovative formulas which give excellent results. Warren London use natural ingredients wherever possible to create sophisticated and stylish products which offer real dog grooming solutions.

Groomers are the first retailer in the UK to stock the Warren London range. Below is a quick taster of some of the innovative new products we will soon be stocking – for the full collection however, please see the Warren London section of our website.

Warren London Paw Sani-Scrub

The Paw Sani-Scrub is a natural antibacterial cleanser designed specifically for dogs. Ideal for using after nail trimming services, the Sani-Scrub will thoroughly cleanse and prevent infection. The scrub is fragrance-free and is suitable for all types of skin, coats or paws.

Warren London Pawdicure Polish Pen

These Pawdicure Polish Pens feature quick-drying, non-toxic nail polish specifically designed for creative canine grooming. The water-based nail polish requires only one coat and is easy to apply and remove. The pens are available in a range of vibrant colours, including a number bright neon shades.

Warren London Hot Spot Soothing Spray

The Hot Spot Soothing Spray is designed to calm a range of canine skin irritations.  Ideal for dogs that suffer from skin allergies, this natural formula will soothe the skin and help prevent further itching. This spray contains menthol, clove oil and peppermint, all of which naturally soothe and cool the skin, and can also deter dogs from biting the affected area.

Warren London Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz Tablets 

Paw Fizz Tablets feature a unique natural formula to cleanse and condition canine feet. This innovative new product can help fight and eliminate fungus, bacteria and germs, condition nails and softens pads, and brighten the nail’s natural colour. To use the tablets simply dissolve one in warm water and let paws soak for five minutes, then rinse.

Warren London Grapeseed Oil Paw Revitaliser

The Paw Revitaliser Oil is a moisturising treatment for dry, cracked paws. Created using grapes from Tuscany, this unique anti-oxidant rich grapeseed oil blend protects, soothes and replenishes pads from environmental wear and tear.  This natural oil is also enriched with vitamins A, B, B5, D and E. Simply rub a small amount into the affected area, or for a more intense treatment, place some Karlie Dog Socks over the dog’s feet after applying the oil and leave on for a few hours. This oil is also excellent for soothing and repairing dry, cracked noses.

Warren London 10-in-1 After Bath Spray

After Bath Spray treats ten key aspects of canine coat and skin health. This ingenious, time saving treatment spray cleanses, conditions, detangles and revitalises the coat, leaving it shiny and soft. The spray also helps to soothe itchy, flaky skin, and has a luxurious scent with aromatherapy qualities. Use after bathing.

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