Groomers Successfully Treats Poor Lucy

Lucy, a five year old West Highland White Terrier had suffered with severe itching and soreness for three years. After a recommendation Mr. Amblin, Lucy’s owner bought Lucy to see us. In conjunction with a dietary change, including Groomers Evening Primrose Oil Food Supplement, she was regularly bathed in Groomers Vet grade Evening Primrose Oil Shampoo, and sprayed between baths with the Evening Primrose Oil Coat Conditioning Spray.

Lucy was bathed twice a week in the shampoo to help soothe the irritation. A 10ml application of food supplement was applied to her dinner daily, and between the baths the spray was used to help ease the scratching and combat the odour that she had suffered with for so long.

Within 5 weeks Lucy had achieved a significant change. The scratching had stopped, the smell had gone and her life had greatly improved. Within thirteen weeks Lucy was looking just like a Westie should. Our range of shampoos, conditioners, sprays and food additives containing pure cold pressed Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) with essential oils are renowned for improvement of coat, skin and general well-being.

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