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Creating Poodle Cuffs

Michell Evans demonstrates how to achieve poodle cuffs with the Pulse Ion clipper.

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Bichon Eyes

Want to know how to clip the eye area on a Bichon Frise? Let Andis Grooming Educator, Diane Betelak, show you.

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How To Use Attachment Combs - How to Groom Dogs with Andis

Learn how to properly use snap-on comb attachments on Andis clippers. Keep the trim more consistent, especially for the busy salon with multiple groomers. Watch Andis Grooming Educator, Diane Betelak provide detailed instruction for this attachment comb demonstration.

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Basic Clipper Maintenance, Blade Replacement & Blade Alignment

Keeping your clippers and trimmers clean and oiled on a daily basis really helps to keep the blades cooler and sharper longer and also reduces wear and tear on the clipper’s motor and blade drive.

Start by cleaning the blade using a clipper brush to remove large hair fragments from the blade. Then remove debris from hard-to-reach spaces. Step two, clean, disinfect and cool the blade with cooling spray. Then use clipper oil to lubricate your clipper and keep it running at top performance: 3 drops across the teeth of the blade and 1 drop on each back rail. Follow these simple steps will keep the blade lubricated, help it run cooler, and extend the overall life of the clipper.

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