2017 Seminars

Monday 3rd April - Canine First Aid Seminar - £65 (Plus Booking Fee)

Perfect for anyone looking to extend their knowledge of dogs and how to help them in an emergency medical situation. Learn about: How to recognise and treat common disorders, deal with common emergency situations, bandaging, finding the pulse and investigating heartbeats and canine CPR and resuscitation.

Eventbrite - Canine First Aid Seminar With Julie Harris LCGI NCGIA

Monday 24th April - New Products Open Day - FREE

Do you want to be ahead of the pack for new products? Were you unable to get to Crufts? Have you received your new Groomers catalogue and would like the chance to try before you buy? This open house seminar is free of charge - £10 plus booking fee will secure your place but is refundable off of any purchase on the day – and includes a product goody bag.

Eventbrite - New Grooming Product Showcase

Monday 15th May - Basic Canine Anatomy Seminar - £65 (Plus Booking Fee)

By understanding the skeletal structure and anatomy of a dog you are better able to deliver a groom which will optimise shape and posture and disguising structural faults to improve the overall look of the animal. Learn about: the structure of a dog’s anatomy and how that can assist while grooming, measuring dogs, handling kindly and effectively.

City and Guilds Level 2 Preparation Days

Part 1 – Monday 19th June          Part 2 – Monday 10th July

£65 each (plus booking fee)

Are you gearing up to start your City & Guilds Level 2 in Grooming?

These two seminars are tailored around groomers starting on the qualification ladder or new groomers wanting a great foundation to build and develop their new skills on and ideas for a junior in a busy salon.

Filled with hints and tips on equipment requirements, course structure, planning your study and practical grooming advice. Includes information on coat types, how hair matts and exactly what good preparation is and how to achieve it.

This seminar will be delivered over two days, one month apart to allow for maximum coverage and allow the information to sink in.

Monday 21st August - Tutor Day - FREE

Do you teach grooming at a public or private accredited institute or salon? Would you like to meet with your fellow tutors to discuss the hot topics facing the industry?

Groomers will be hosting and chairing a discussion for grooming tutors to share knowledge, support, inspire and develop teaching ideas. It is the first of its kind; a day when tutors can discuss the highs, lows and difficulties in teaching dog grooming.

This day is free and lunch will be provided – a £10 payment will be required to secure your place but this will be refundable in the form of an account credit on the day.

Monday 4th September and Monday 16th October - City & Guilds Level 3 - How To Pass   - £65 each (Plus Booking Fee)

Are you gearing up to take your City & Guilds Level 3 in Grooming and need some extra advice to give you confidence to pass? Filled with hints and tips on how to get optimum marks and sail through the practical Julie will offer advice from an examiner’s perspective so you know exactly what is being looked for on the day. This seminar will be delivered over two days, one month apart to allow for maximum coverage of syllabus and allow the information to sink in.

The seminars can be booked individually and there is a discount if both days are booked at the same time.

Part 1 – Breeds Groom Demo Day – Monday 4th September

Hands on practical groom day covering exam breeds: West Highland Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, Schnauzer and Poodle. Make sure you know how to get the maximum points in your exam.

Part 2 – Revision Day - Monday 16th October

Classroom seminar to make sure you know what you are expected to know and how to achieve maximum marks. A hand holding confidence giving day ensure all your hard work and study gets you a great result in the exam.

Monday 13th November - City & Guilds Higher Diploma Unravelled - £65 (Plus Booking Fee)

Would you like to study further for grooming qualifications but are not sure what to expect or whether it’s right for you? Julie will deliver an outline of course content and answer all your questions on how to get the most out of your Higher Diploma study.

Seminar Testimonials

Canine First Aid Seminar with Julie Harris:

'Great teacher, good venue, helpful information. Highly recommend.'

- Cathy Straw, www.thedogstationchichester.co.uk

'Brilliant experience, learnt a great deal in a humorous and practical way. I would recommend all new dog owners or businesses to take this course.'

- Tricia Lavender, www.groomthatdog.co.uk

Basic Canine Anatomy Seminar with Julie Harris:

'Very enjoyable and informative. Julie is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and an excellent speaker. I certainly learnt a lot about how anatomy and body structure helps me in grooming.'

- Lee-Jane Yates

'An extremely informative, friendly seminar, I have learned a lot. Julie is a great tutor, explaining everything very well. Fantastic Seminar.'

- Debbie Onslow

If you would like to hold a seminar at the new Groomers Education Suite, please contact us either by email - sales@groomers-online.com or by telephone - 01635 581958