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Groomers Thornit Ear Powder

Groomers Thornit Ear Powder


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Product Description

Groomers Thornit Ear Powder

Groomers Thornit Ear Powder is a renowned topical treatment for canker and ear mites. Developed by Mr W. Watchman in 1907, this proven formula contains the active ingredient Iodoform to treat the affected area, and is free from antibiotics. This Ear Powder can also be used to remove ear hair. For external use only.

Instructions for use: Wipe any excess moisture from around the ear, then lightly dust a pinch of powder around the affected area, carefully avoiding the earhole. Gently massage the powder into the ear. Apply twice daily for up to five days. Can also be applied once a week to prevent re-infection.

Groomers Thornit Ear Powder features:

    Renowned treatment for canker and ear mites.
    Active ingredient: Iodoform.
    For external use only.
    Suitable for use on dogs, cats, horses and rabbits.
    Size: 20g or 100g.

Groomers Expert Tips: Ear mites are often picked by animals when walking in long grass. Symptoms of infection include scratching, head shaking and general distress. There may also be sores or inflammation from scratching. This powder is a proven solution to ear mites, but if in doubt consult a vet.

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