National Dog Adoption Month

National Dog Adoption MonthEveryone at Groomers Online is extremely proud to support National Dog Adoption Month, a campaign to help promote the benefits and advantages of adopting a dog.  Throughout September the campaign will aim to encourage people to adopt a dog from one of the countless animal shelters around the country, and we’re more than happy to help the cause.  Last year’s Dog Adoption Month saw a 227% increase in the number of dogs being adopted and this year’s aim is to give even more dogs a home for life.  So, we’re urging our customers to support the cause and spread the word about National Dog Adoption Month.

Show Your Support by Adopting a Dog

Adopting a Dog Campaign

There are several aims of National Dog Adoption Month that we are more than happy to promote.  Sometimes people are sceptical about adopting a dog from a re-homing organisation or shelter, but there are many benefits for both you and the dog.  You will provide a fantastic home for a dog that is only looking for a loving family, and you will have a companion for life.  And if you need any advice, the adoption website has plenty of advice on how to adopt and how to care for a dog, as well as dealing with any behavioural problems you may experience.  If you need any more help, our dog training collection will aid you in the training process.  There are so many reasons to support National Dog Adoption Month, so join us in spreading the word.

Dog Apoption CampaignWhether you own dogs or just support the cause, National Dog Adoption Month needs you.  In order to beat last year’s record, everyone who is looking into adopting a dog needs to visit animal shelters to see the wealth of amazing dogs that are on offer.  Every year thousands of dogs are abandoned and we need to give them a loving home.  With our easy-to-navigate website we have everything you will need to make your dog feel at home, from their very own dog bowl to top quality Royal Canin dog food.  Without our help, thousands of dogs around the country will be left without a home and without a loving owner.  Join with us to show your support for National Dog Adoption Month.