Basic Guide to Bathing a Dog

Bathing a dog at home (or in the salon) can be a time consuming, laborious and messy chore. To help guide new dog owners, new dog groomers or pet grooming students to efficiently and effectively bath a dog Groomers have put together the following basic guide.

Groomers Crown Coat ShampooFollow these simple tips for squeaky clean results on any coat:

  • Use a good quality shampoo. Groomers have a selection of specially developed pet shampoos formulated to suit all skin and coat types.
  • When applying water or shampoo start on the top of the dog and work down. Gravity will assist here.
  • For very dirty dogs, use a brush to help work the soiled areas to loosen and lift dirt.
  • For dogs with heavy coats use a dryer BEFORE bathing to blow through the coat, this will help lift the dirt to the surface before washing.
  • On short and smooth coated dogs use a jelly scrubber to work the lather right down to the skin for a thorough clean. This also stimulates the circulation to promote a healthy coat. Jelly Scrubber
  • Use a small, soft bristled brush or tooth brush for any soiled sections of the face.  Use a damp cloth, wipes or a towel to clean the eyes. Avoid the eye area with shampoo and other products.
  • When it’s time to rinse ensure this is done thoroughly, when the coat looks clear of shampoo, rinse again! Using a hand or (on larger dogs) a mini sweat scraper helps to remove shampoo Bentley Mini Sweat Scraperand water effectively.

AquaSorb-towelThe dog is now ready to be towel dried. Ensure you gently dry the ears and face, it can be helpful to wrap a small towel or Aquasorb around the dog’s head covering the ears – this will prevent the urge to shake.  Then move swiftly on to drying the body.  For coated breeds or dogs with silky coats removing water by patting the dog dry can help prevent knots and tangles before you start.