Yorkie Clipping

I have decided to start grooming my small Yorkie. I have an Andis clipper with a size 10 blade - will a set of combs give me a choice of lengths or do I have to buy the different size blades? Thank you in advance. Patsy

"To clip a Yorkie coat, you will need to use a #10 blade on the ears, a #4 blade on the body of the coat, and scissors for the face and head. You already have a #10 blade, but if you have a selection of attachments combs you can cut to the length of a #4 blade by selecting the comb that cuts to (19cm). You can use your #10 blade with your attachment combs there is no need to buy a different blade. Indeed, attachment combs are perfect for dog owners such as yourself as they are an easy and economical way to cut to a variety of different lengths without needed to change blades.

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