Grooming Difficult Dogs

I have a year old West Highland Terrier who likes a bath but does not like to be clipped. Due to an experience when he was a puppy at a grooming salon I took him to, he now bites and gets very agitated. Unfortunately, his coat is now at a stage where he needs professional grooming – can you recommend anything? Any methods or equipment? Is there anything I can give him perhaps to calm him down so he can have a full clip and groom? - J. Nicolson

"There are a number of options for you with this issue. Firstly, you could try a natural sedative to calm your dog, try M&C Serene Calm-UM, or anything with skullcap or valerian in it. You will have to start using it ASAP however, as these natural supplements need to build up in your dog’s system to be truly effective.   

If your dog has a specific problem with clippers (and does not mind grooming generally), they you could try grooming him with scissors or a coat king instead. This will help keep the coat in shape, and can be completed by you or a professional groomer.

Alternatively, if your Westie dislikes the whole grooming process, your best bet is try grooming him little and often at home to build up his tolerance of the process. Be very calm throughout, and make sure you reward him with plenty of treats and praise. Once he is a bit more comfortable with the process, take your pet to a professional groomer who specialises in nervous dogs. This is not an unusual situation, and there will be plenty of great groomers in your local area who will be able to help.”

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