Lhasa Apso Clipping

Hello. I own a Lhasa Apso and am her personal groomer, attending to all aspects of care for her. Wanting to do the very best by my dog, I have spent many hours watching Lhasa grooming videos but I am still unsure as changing blade sizes is not mentioned. Am I missing something here? I use a Wahl clipper. I would be grateful for advice on which blade should be attached. My clipper has a basic blade, no size number on it and I use sizes 3 and 10 guide combs. Is this adequate or should I invest in a size 3 blade? - Joy

"There is no specific clipping length required for a Lhasa Apso, so what is most important is to find a length that works for you. Traditionally, you would use a #5 blade on a Lhasa Apso if the coat is in good condition, but this is an generalisation. My advice is to experiment. Try a #3 blade and see how you get on.

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