Drying Tools and Techniques for Different Coat Types

I'm currently doing a written dog grooming course, and have reached an assignment that covers drying and what tools and techniques should be used for different coat types. I have researched online and read various textbooks and they all seem very evasive. Could you advise me on what I should do for each coat type? - J. Woodcock

"This is a complex question that requires in-depth research and detail, but there are plenty of resources out there. Any good instructional grooming guide will have this information, but it will take some time to collect techniques on each individual coat type. Ask our tutor for specific resources if you are particularly unsure.

As a basic guide, woolly coats or any coats to be scissored should be fluff dried, usually with a slicker and dryer; double coats should by dried with a blaster and slicker brush, or you could use a drying cabinet.  Some coats need to be scrunched dried to keep their curl (such as Kerry Blue Terriers), and smooth and wiry coats are dried by any suitable method, even needing as little as a towel dry.

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